Premium and Local Hay

We believe that forage is the basis for correct equine nutrition and we are dedicated to suppling our customers with the best hay options from which to choose.

With regular deliveries throughout the Carolinas, Mane Street Horse and Pet supplies our customers with  Timothy and Timothy Blends, Orchard and Orchard Blends, top quality Western Alfalfa,  Montana Grass hay, and locally grown hays such as Fescue and Coastal.  Our relationships are directly with the farmer, and our hay is hand selected and inspected by our owners – so you can rest assured you are getting the best quality and pricing available.

Are you a Feed Store looking for a wholesale supplier for your hay? Ask us about wholesale options.

Have a question regarding the best hay for your feeding program? We encourage you to stop by  and take a look at our selection. Our educated staff  can offer feed and hay options to maximize your feeding dollar and provide your horses with optimal nutrition.