Feed Room Panic

I am one of Mane Street’s largest customers – that probably comes as no surprise to anyone since I am also one of the owners. But what may be surprising, is that I don’t know everything there is to know about our feed products and their uses, and I often refer to our nutritionists and manufacturers consultants for help.

Case in point: I recently had two new horses come to board at my barn while their barn is under construction. These horses belong to my trainer and so I really, really want to take good care of them! Like many of the horses are your barns, they are very different in size, demeanor, work load, and metabolism.  Consequently they are fed very differently. Add the new two in with my current four horses who are on various feeds – and presto –feed room chaos! Buckets and bags everywhere; sticky notes posted on the walls, and cryptic notes written on the feed schedule white board.  There had to be a way to simplify the number of feed types while meeting every horse’s needs – hard keepers and air ferns included. So I made a much needed call to the Manufacturer’s feed consultant and she was a tremendous help! After a brief and painless visit with all my esteem and ego still intact, I am now transitioning all horses to one feed with the ability to add fat for the “hotties” and subtract grain as needed and supplement balancer for the easy keepers. My trainer is on board with the transition and looking forward to having her regimen in place for the move to the new barn; and BIG THING –   the horses are eating happily and looking good.

Just like you I really care about these horses; I feel their appearance and health is a direct reflection of my hard work and love.  However, what I have found is that my brand of Tender Loving Care does not have to depend on complicated recipes, special diets, or extensive supplements. And a bonus –   I am not a slave to the feed room when ordering needed grain or setting up the meals for the next day. AND a super added bonus – should I need (or want) to be gone away from the farm overnight (heaven forbid) my wonderful, capable  husband can decipher the feed chart and lend a hand successfully!

Leslie Cline

May 9, 2013