All Things Horse

Whether your horses are competing, breeding,  exploring the trails, or hanging out as beloved friends, Mane Street Horse and Pet will supply the grain, hay, and supplements that help you keep them in peak condition. You can rest assured that with our top quality feed and care options your horses will have a complete diet, and you will have peace of mind that you’re providing the best of care.

Grains and Feeds

Because we draw from the most trusted names in equine nutrition, Mane Street Horse and Pet is confident that you will feed good about your grain choices. Our varied selection of price ranges and quality options will allow you to choose the best grain for your horses and allow for any special metabolic, age, or work load issues your horse may have.

Not sure what to feed?

We offer FREE nutrition evaluations and consultations from our trained staff and manufacturer support teams. You choose the brand or brands you wish to evaluate and we will arrange a no obligation evaluation. During this in depth consultation we will explore your horses’ work loads, hay options, grazing and turnout, current weight and condition, behavior and temperament, as well as your goals and budget. Many clients have even found that they will qualify for free feed through a manufacturer sponsored feed trial.

Run a large barn or training facility?

Mane Street Horse and Pet has several feed options that may help you feed your herd more economically and with less stress.


Mane Street Horse and Pet supplies premium hay directly from our farmers to your door. We offer some of the best of US and Canadian hays including Montana Grass Hay, Canadian Timothy/Alfalfa, Western Alfalfa, Orchard and other grass and local grass blends. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with updates on current hay shipments and availablility.


Mane Street Horse and Pet stocks a wide variety of bagged bedding and super premium bagged shavings. From pine pellets, screened sawdust, small and large flakes, and everything in between, rest assured your horses’ favorite type of bedding is stocked at Mane Street. And, just like everything else at Mane Street, we will be happy to deliver your shavings – by the bag or by the pallet – right to your door.

Supplements and Supplies

From muck forks, buckets, and spreaders to fly spray, fly masks, and fly traps Mane Street Horse and Pet has the supplements and supplies to keep your horses at their healthy and happy best. With suppliers like Farnam, Absorbine,  Horse Health,  Med-Vet and Cox Labs, we are sure to have  ready solutions for your grooming or health needs.  We also carry a wide selection of bagged seasonal fertilizers, garden items, fencing, gates, and gate panels. Don’t see what you need?   just ask!

All Things Pet…

Hobby farmers, rabbit enthusiasts, kennel keepers, and dog and cat lovers will find the food and supplies needed to care for their charges at Mane Street Horse and Pet. Feed lamas or goats? We know how to make them thrive. Are you an avid backyard chicken cooper? We can help your chicks grown into trusted egg producers. Are the pack leader? Dog foods by leading manufacturers and will help keep your sporting dogs healthy and active while satisfying the strictest of budgets.  We even helped to feed the animals at Riverbanks Zoo!

Interested in the latest options in nutrition and care for your dog or cat; or have a pet who suffers from frequent ear infections or excessive scratching? That national brand of pet food from your grocer or big box store may be contributing to your pets’ ailments. We have expert advice to help your dog or cat eliminate many common allergic reactions to the food they eat.  Because we carry several options of holistic foods, grain free foods, and foods made from a single source of protein, we are confident we can find just the right solution for your four legged loved one.

You will also find a variety of flea and tick control products, wormers, vitamins, shampoos, toys, treats and other fun products at Mane Street Horse and Pet.

Are you having your grain and shavings for your horses delivered to your farm? Why not order your dog and cat food as well? We are happy to include it in any of your deliveries!



We have listed just a few of the brands that we carry. If you don’t see your favorite, please contact us – we probably stock it!